Monday, September 5, 2011

The deadly games some people play

It is no wonder at all to me why things are the way they are, there are those that enjoy, no, relish in duping the unsuspected. This morning, my mind is in the library of past - times, and I am reminiscing of one affair in particular of  the Regan administration, yes, that's President Ronald Regan, the great communicator some people call him, others has given him the moniker "The Teflon President ". I remember him as the President that made putting out false hood (misinformation) as part of his administration center piece. Now, before you begin to blow your top, allow me to be explicative: There was the Iran Contra Affair, in which things  were  muddy to say the least  going on down there in Central America, which had to do with U.S. backed Contras at the direction of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and others, and to be fair, I have had and continue  have misgivings about quite a few things that  has, and is taking  place under Old Glory.  Whether a nation or an individual, one must be careful in the things that they promote or initiate, to do otherwise is to put yourself in direct opposition to your Creator. The Contras had a reputation for committing crimes and doing other exploits that the average American would be in opposition to, at least that's what I believe. Contragate was a political scandal that came to light in November of 1986 (what's done in the dark will eventually come to the light or better yet, the light will disrobe it). There were some selective  senior officials in the administration that facilitated the sale of arms to Iran, which at the time had an arm embargo placed on it by Congress of these United States of America, read the Edward Boland Amendment. In this atrocious endeavor to insanity (my call), you'll find the foot prints of the National Security Agency (NSA) and others. From this madness of  the officials of the Regan administration, cocaine arrived in the United States on aircrafts of the United States along with true Weapons of  Mass Destruction (WMD). It is believed by many that were in "the know" that the crack cocaine epidemic was a result of this act of insanity directed at Los Angeles in particular, and other parts of the country as a result of this " trade" that were perpetrated and precipitated  by some officials in the Regan administration. We will never know what the full scope of the actions by these demons had on the citizens of this country, because many of the documents linking the President and others to this "Kill-as-you-Go" (my call) episode were shredded by instructions of one Colonel Oliver North at the hand of his secretary Ms. Fawn Hall, after all, they certainly shredded the lives of thousands, if not millions.